Friday, October 24, 2008

kiasu in dream? oh tidak!

recently i have become "kiasu".. maybe pressure causes my nerve to work abnormally. I'm not a bookworm nor a textbook lover but since last three days i have been reading only and only textbook. I read chapter 6 organic chemistry!! i had never ( i believe so la since dtg rit) finish reading a chapter from chemistry book, and yesterday i read one!
Amazing! and so not me.

It is actually a good change but the "kiasu" or rajin part makes me feel awkward. i feel awkward about myself, how can that happened? Why am i feeling bad when i actually becomes "rajin" ner ? why is this changes make me feel something is wrong , my brain cell might have undergoes mutation or something. What happens?? what? why is this weird to me ? why?
and the weirdness reach it climax yesterday night when i dream of.....

shark, text book , beach , sea and pencil box..

I was totally freak out by this dream, it is like i have reach a crazy insanity stage. In my dream i was studying at the beach with my organic chemistry book can you believe that? studying kat tepi pantai? OMG ! and then there were like 3 people with me but i forgot who. then suddenly air pasang and air laut cam naik tinggi giler .

it was like suddenly my book n i are covered with water. then came this three small shark pulling my hand towards the middle of the sea but i fought and you know why i fought? because i was swimming toward my orgo chemistry book and trying to save the book! instead of saving my own life i was more concern on the text book and the pencil box!

then after the text book was succesfully place on the land i was pulled back by the shark. it was pushing my left hand and i was like " oh my book is safe now and i can go peacefully" can you believe that? what the **** is going on? then suddenly i terjaga n my roomate was pulling my hand LOL !