Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cookies baking

Cookies Cookies !! yeah!

Today after helping "swinging bowl" team packing the tomato rice for delivery (p/s: almost 50 of them), my friends invited me to their cookies baking party.

Katie drove me to rustic village, and her apartment was amazingly beautiful! The decoration and potpourri and frames are all arranged creatively. She even have this Japanese chopstick set and Lebanon hand craft box. nice!

then we start baking the cookies, instead of making cookies, i was helping Chelsea mashing the banana for banana cup cake. And Katie made a tray of non bake peanut butter cornflakes cookies, they were very nutty, creamy, and when ate the cookies melt in your mouth, and the cornflakes maintain it crunchy crispy texture, what an amazing taste!

after the creamy nutty cookies, we moved on to the Double chocolate soft baked cookies with milk! the inner chocolate chips melt in the mouth and the spongy soft cookies went great with milk. Emm yummy yummy.(p/s: thanks Kali , the 1% low fat milk taste just nice)

Thats not all, we also had chips with cream cheese mixed with onions (high cholesterol -but once in a while won't hurt i guess)

then we played the "Shah's game" again (it was named after me cause i didn't remember the name of the game-lol) ..when all the tummies were full, we played Taboo, which was not good for a vocab low people like me. Surprisingly, i managed to survive the game, which was a guinness book record for me! Sadly we didn't get to finish the game since it was late and Chelsea got assignment to finish.

So, Rachel send us home and that was the end of the "cookies baking party" i went half an hour ago.