Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Laptop drowned in H2O

I guess I should have not said that there is "a lot of things that happened here" in my previous post. Cause unfortunately as unlucky as it is, something bad happened today. I was busy doing my assignment which is due tonight. While I pushed a book to take the notes below,the book pushed my glass full of water and it tilted and spilled all the H2O !!!! Half of the water on my laptop and the other half on my desk. Half glass of water just went into my precious laptop where most of my assignments are safely saved in. I guess there are no longer safe? I freak out and grabbed my blanket trying to absord all the water, turned off everything, took out the battery, vaccuumed the laptop (eh? didn't know why I did that. Then only I realized I should have save the powerpoint slides into my pendrive before shutting the laptop down. OH o Toooo late!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I called Mom , mom said : "there is nobody else that could save you other than yourself' That kinda made me speechless hours later after I went to the computer lab REDO-ing my powerpoint slides then I realized why mom said that. Everything happened for a reason, and who would be realiable enough to save yourself from any accident or tradegy other than yourselve? If I keep relying on other to help me without figuring out how myself won't I be losing something? a.k.a Realizing my own ability? I also found out that the "laptop drowned accident" kinda create enough stress that I was able to do the power point faster and with better inputs!!! Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. Another discovery of the day: 70% cocoa dark chocolate can make your brain happier when something bad happened. Try it!! Girl with laptop drowned, Kentang

Fuh Fuh *blowing dust*

Fuh Fuh *blowing dust* dusty dusty blog :P It has been 10months+ since I have written any post. I guess heart broken do make you give up on blogging *just kidding* that was soOOoo not the reason. Hello "Konnichiwa" "Ni hao" to whoever is reading this :) Updates about myself: 1. Currently in Sydney, Australia pursuing Master in Marine Science and Management. 2. Have acquired skills in cooking traditional Malaysian tea time meals (I have no idea how to translate "Kuih". So far, Kuih keria, Kuih bakar, kuih seri muka, karipap etc. Maybe I can start opening a food stall >.< that would be so cool!! 3. Got a new 28.5' longboard that I love so much!!! Both my houesemates were injured while playing with it. Naughty board! I guess it is now planning to harm me next! Oh O! 4. Gained 5kg and lost 2kg since last year. (I am telling you this so next time when you see me, you won't be saying "Kentang,you look chubby") Since arriving in Sydney, I have been missing my college life so much. Friends, performances, activities, crazy game night and all those great memories. It keep flashing in and out of my brain, college life, Missing it so much. SO MUCH!!!! I will try to update my blog more often cause there are a lot of things that happened here. I really wish to share awesome story in Australia with my dear friends and you yes you, the anonymous reader who I have no idea whom you maybe. Thank you for reading *back to assignment* May you all have a great day! Cheers, Kentang