Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "EMo tornado" that kills

Sometime i hate it when i have these "PMS symptoms", one of the symptoms that i hate most is "emo tornado". I won't be able to control my tone, and sometimes i explode and yell at the wrong person. I really don't mean to hurt the unguilty person, and i know it is wrong to yell at them but the emo tornado happens so fast every time and I'm so sorry...

I wish that i have more patient, more control in whatever i'm doing.

dear friends,

If i ever hurt you during my "emo tornado' symptom please forgive me, i try to keep it down next time and hopefully as the day passes, and as i learn to be more patient, the emo tornado will disappear.

The guilty one --> me, please forgive me.

p/s: emo tornado doesn't happens everyday --> so don't worry! =p