Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The thing called "ego"

There this thing called ego and it is as hard as the stone, you could break it, if you try harder but if u don't , then it stays as it is.

With this thing called "ego"

A person will

pretend that he or she doesn't care, when it is actually the opposite,

he / she 'll say "i don't mind", when he / she actually do,

he / she will not apologize when he / she is the guilty one,

he / she will not express his / her love, when deep inside he / she does love somebody,

he / she won't ask for help, when he / she really needed one,

it is this big thing call "EGO" that people misunderstood each other,

but i found out that i like the small version of "ego" because it is apart of me

and i hope i won't hurt anyone because of it.