Monday, June 21, 2010

A pair of good shoes

A quote that relates to my life

"A pair of good shoes will make you grow feelings for it,
you will always want to wear it every day,
even if it is worn out,
you can't bear to throw it away"

(Xin Lei, Corner with love drama)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

goodbye roomate

Yesterday, my roommate boarded the flight back to Malaysia, i wanted to send her off but instead it went the other way round. I needed to return to the lab so she send me off. (sorry tira i couldn't send you to the airport)

Later that evening after a total of 10hours doing field work and lab work, i walked slowly back home. Then i recalled the gift that SHE, my roommate left for me. I opened my bag and unwrapped the paper bag.

in the paper bag was a "hanging wood" decoration.

on the wood it said " i most often found happiness where you have planted it "

then at the back was a short paragraph written by HER, and 4 lovely "LOVE" to end the words from the heart.

reading those thoughts, my tears fall like rain, i realized that i won't be able to see HER for maybe another year or two. She will continue her master elsewhere and i'm not returning home to Malaysia this year.

enough said, i miss her.

May we meet again in the future.

(written on Thursday but posted on Friday =P )