Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm happy for you dear bro

My brother got his UPSR result today, and he got all A's!!! WOahhoooo.. tak sia sia kudrat aku menyesa die my whole summer! hahaha i even bought a "pistol getah" as a weapon to make him focus. Alhamdulillah , thank you Allah for blessing my brother.and to all my neighbor who saw me chasing my brother around the house, it is worth it k and I'm sorry if we mengganggu ketenteraman awam heee! huhuhu

Dear "you act so macho little brother" ,

May you always achieve the best in whatever you do,
You know, i love you always,

So here is a memo for you

if these happened:~
when people don't believe in you,
I'm always there to support you

when you are weak
I will give you my strength

when you are sad
i will bring you joy

when you are broke
i will try to "korek" my piggy bank lol

and whatever happened..
I will always be there for you
cause U are a part of my wonderful life and I LOVE YOU so much.


Your soooooooOOOooooooooooo cool sis hahahha (ROTFL)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cookies baking

Cookies Cookies !! yeah!

Today after helping "swinging bowl" team packing the tomato rice for delivery (p/s: almost 50 of them), my friends invited me to their cookies baking party.

Katie drove me to rustic village, and her apartment was amazingly beautiful! The decoration and potpourri and frames are all arranged creatively. She even have this Japanese chopstick set and Lebanon hand craft box. nice!

then we start baking the cookies, instead of making cookies, i was helping Chelsea mashing the banana for banana cup cake. And Katie made a tray of non bake peanut butter cornflakes cookies, they were very nutty, creamy, and when ate the cookies melt in your mouth, and the cornflakes maintain it crunchy crispy texture, what an amazing taste!

after the creamy nutty cookies, we moved on to the Double chocolate soft baked cookies with milk! the inner chocolate chips melt in the mouth and the spongy soft cookies went great with milk. Emm yummy yummy.(p/s: thanks Kali , the 1% low fat milk taste just nice)

Thats not all, we also had chips with cream cheese mixed with onions (high cholesterol -but once in a while won't hurt i guess)

then we played the "Shah's game" again (it was named after me cause i didn't remember the name of the game-lol) ..when all the tummies were full, we played Taboo, which was not good for a vocab low people like me. Surprisingly, i managed to survive the game, which was a guinness book record for me! Sadly we didn't get to finish the game since it was late and Chelsea got assignment to finish.

So, Rachel send us home and that was the end of the "cookies baking party" i went half an hour ago.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Karipap Currypuff

My sweet dream was interfered by little Fong2- "Yi Yi wake up" he said and a moment after that, i could feel little sharp teeth on my arm. Ouch!he bit me! what a mean alarm clock! Then my aunt remind me of what i was supposed to do today--> Karipap! or Currypuff. I have been told by my mum that my aunt is very good at making curry puff, she could make hundreds in just few hours. This amazing skills, it is a waste if not passes down.

My energy level was at 100% before mixing the dough and bla2, then i barely feel my fingers, why is it so hard to make a perfect dough? Looking at my tired face, my aunt then take over the mixing and "uli" process. Then the dough was let at a side for 6 hours.

i thought the hard moment had passed but then , NO! it hadn't. "Enjoy the Potato peeling process" said my aunt while passing me a bag full of potato. Damn! A whole bag?? what? and bla bla bla cooking process and the karipap was done. I never thought making Karipap will be hard, then i figured up later that I weren't making 20 pieces of karipap, I were making 50++++ pieces of currypuff!

Aunt i thought you were teaching me, but instead you tortured me with potato!

Thanks Aunt for the knowledge! Love u always!

Kentangputarinc is at the moment phobia with potato

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kek Kentang Ketam (3K)

Kentang!! yeah2x

Bahan2 :
300gm kentang
100gm isi ketam
5g lada benggala hijau , 5gm lada benggala merah dan 2gm daun ketumbar (semuanya dicincang)
500gm serbuk roti
1 biji telur
50gm tepung
5gm garam
5gm lada sulah
5gm serbuk stok ayam.

Cara Memasak:
  1. Rebus kentang sehingga lembut.
  2. Selepas itu lecek sehingga halus.
  3. Campurkan isi ketam, lada benggala hijau, lada benggala merah, daun ketumbar, tepung, lada sulah dan garam. Gaul hingga sebati.
  4. Bentuk bebola, celup pada telur dan serbuk roti.
  5. Panaskan minyak masak dan goreng sehingga kekuning-kuningan.
  6. Angkat dan sedia dihidangkan.
  7. Siap
resepi dipetik dari m/s 75 Majalah Rasa edisi Mei 2009.

Kongsi resepi JOM!

Sempena Bulan ramadhan ni jom kongsi resepi!

Resepi hari ni: ---> TAuhu Kacang PangganG


4keping tauhu jepun[digoreng]
1 tin kacang panggang
3 ulas bawang putih, 2 batang cili merah, 2 batang seleri (semuanya dihiris)
200gm daging cincang
Garam dan sos soya secukupnya

Cara MEmasak:

  1. Panaskan minyak dan tumis bawang putih dan cili merah hingga naik bau.
  2. Masukkan daging cincang dan biarkan hingga garing.
  3. Masukkan kacang panggang bersama hirisan seleri. Kacau rata.
  4. Perasakan dengan garam, sos soya dan biarkan hingga masak.
  5. Angkat dan tuangkan ke atas tauhu goreng.
  6. SIAP!!
CUba la! pastu bgtau k .. =p Slmt berpuasa!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sponge cake drama

Time : today
When : afternoon

Characters : Dai Yi, mina, me, Little Fong Fong(2years kiddo).

Dai Yi: do u want to bake sponge cake?
Mina & Me : yes , yes (with sparkling eyes --full interest)

Dai yi: now separate the egg yolk, no egg yolk in this bowl okay!
Little Fong2 : I wanna see! I wanna see!!
Me: orait Dai Yi, i will do it carefully. Fong2 move over la, 1, 2, 3 *plupp* (egg yolk fall into the wrong bowl)

Dai Yi : Aiyoooooooo jialap la ni men (translation : aiyo trouble la korang ni)
Mina : lol , stupid sister!" follow the recipe la"!

Little Fong2: I want egg egg *prang prum prang* (stuff fall all over)
Dai Yi : Aiyooo

Me: which one should we use ? egg yolk or white egg?
Mina : egg yolk la.. duuuuh

Dai yi: AIyooo , no la, use the white egg and mix with the sugar.
Mina: (looking at the table pretending nothing happen)

Me : Huahuahua , MIna!! "follow the recipe la!" stupid sister!

after several mixing n bla bla is time to bake it in the oven.

Then nobody remember about the sponge cake
Little FOng2 ---> zzzzZZzzzz
Me and Mina-----> watching drama "why why love" 8tv

Dai Yi: haiyaa budak2 zaman sekarang *geleng2 kepala* (translation: kids nowadays..)
DaiYI :(Dai Yi bakes the cake while the others Zzzzzzzzzz)

8 nombor Ong ke nombor Sob3x

Me : 8 tak sukenye
Is : knp ngan no 8

Me : dah nak kena balik
IS : yeke.. Oh no

Me: tak sempat raya kan?
Is : bj raya pun kamu tak beli lagi

Me: pakai tahun lepas punye je la
Is : isk sedihnye.. tak nak la!

Me : 8 hari lagi sempat ke ??
Is : sempat nye no 8 kan no Ong ! (org cina la ckp)

Me: btl2(upin) slmt tinggal Malaysia in 8 days..
Is : slmt tinggal makanan yg sedap2 ...(air liur meleleh)

p/s : takdekijer btl la


Sunday, April 5, 2009

A talk

  1. Me : WHat am i doing?
  2. The other me (Inner self-IS) : you are killing yourself.

  1. Me : really?what did i do wrong?
  2. IS : you lie to yourself.

  1. Me : you mean i lie to you?
  2. IS : yes (shock her head)

  1. Me : i didn't mean to.
  2. IS: yes you do.

  1. Me : but i need to control this.
  2. IS: no don't. you are killing me, and you are killing IS.

  1. Me: I'm looking at it *STARED*..controlling, denying, hesitating...ARGHH
  2. IS: please just go and say it out loud !!!!!! You are hurting Me you know!
  1. Me: No................
  2. IS: if you do it , you'll satisfied Mr T, If you don't emm nothing happen really except YOu will HURT Mr T!!!!!!!!!
  1. Me : okay, i'll do it!
  2. IS : yes!! now say it out loud! ... ..... ...... .........

  1. Me : MAGGI !!! I want to eat you!!!
  2. IS : akhirnye , takkan berlapar aku mlm ni. KEntangputaryanglapar

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life at RIT -winter quarter's pain

The weather is getting worse day by day, and to make it worse, tissue culture lab acquires student to go to lab everyday! fighting the snow and the wind and the icy road, winter is always the quarter of "disaster".

I was actually studying organic chemistry an hour ago before i digress myself with facebook n stuff, and end up writing a blog to express my winter pain. I hate winter! can't stand the cold the sensitive skin, lips that burst with blood all day and stomach that calls for food ! winter please end early this year, cause my whole body is hurting and my brain is freezing.

winter pain song :

winter winter go away come again another year, winter winter go away come again another year....