Monday, July 26, 2010

The most magical unfortunate ride ever

The whole day I kept unintentionally glanced/read the label on my bike handle "Caution: Please make sure that the handle bar / stem are securely tighten. Refer to the manual"~well something like that. And those words kept playing in my mind, and i had a bad feeling the entire afternoon, as if an accident is going to happen.
Then just when i had drained all my energy by working nonstop (took a 15mins break and that was it) from 8.20am to 6.30pm, i saw a blind man walking by the road in front of Grace Watson hall toward the main campus. Suddenly he stumbled over a rock and he almost fell but he didn't. Then at that moment when i decided to go and help him suddenly the handle bar together with the stem on my bike just flew in front of me!!! I was still cycling and in shock and TERRIFIED!!!

It was a really ridiculous scene, luckily no one taped it :P. I found it magical because i was still pedaling and at the same time still holding the DETACHED handle bar !!!! and then i decided to bent my knee to the left and right so that the bike will fall. If i didn't do that i would had crashed into the Sundial ! that would be an ugly scene...The magical part was, i didn't fall!!! the bike did which was really weird. Alhamdulillah i'm saved. fuuh~~

Feeling bad for not helping the man (not that i didn't want to, but because i couldn't), i followed him. I felt like a stalker for a moment there :P. I didn't have the courage to just go and asked if he needed help because i thought "what if the help i'm trying to offer him made him feel bad of himself ?". So i pedaled really slow (of cuz i reattached the handle bar and give it a GOOD STRONG hit so it stays attached). I knew that most of the pathway are blocked due to the construction and didn't want him to felt into those 2 big holes i saw yesterday. After 5minutes or so he walked into the library and at that moment i knew i had done my part, making sure he didn't get lost due to the construction and etc.

What an amazing day! a magical one :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The shoes quote (continued)

It was too quiet in the lab, so I switched on my laptop and listened to a Taiwanese drama called "Corner with love", while at the same time looking under the microscope to finish my work. Then at minutes 13 episode 11, I got amazed by the female lead script

The female lead received a hand-drawn shoes, drew by the guy who likes her. Mean while, Her ex-fiancé who is super rich and handsome came back to find her and want her back. She was confused then she looked at the shoes that she was wearing (the one that poor guy gave her). Then her friend asked her "who will you choose?"

And this is what she said:

"A pair of good shoes is not defined by its price,
but by whether or not it's comfortable to wear.
even if it is a cheap pair of shoes,
if you like it, you like it.
Even if he's poor,
has no power or status,
you'll still miss him if you don't see him.
You'll feel happy to be with him. "

I like this movie!!!! I hope there are people like this in the real world, who won't look at someone's power, money and status for love. :)