Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you notes...

To dear RIT's juniors

thank you for the wonderful 3 years of works for malaysian's night,the awesome graduation night , the meal, the amazing table decoration, the waiters, the "missing items" and Last but not least THe LOVE you all gave us. Thank you sooOOO soOOO much <3.

To dear graduating friends,

Thank you for leaving a footprint of each of you in my life. Thank you for being there for me, and thank you for calling me your friend.xlupe jugak thank you for the strong bond we have as a batch, the hardship we went through for Mysa events, THANK YOU dear sweet friends thank you. LOVE <3

To dear Kismis FC and BUdu sedak FC members,

I will always remember all of you, the moment someone kicked my head, the games that we played together, and all those emotional dramas on the way...Those are all precious to me, and I love you all <3.special thanks to Azlina, Anis and Alai for being there always. And thank you to Wani sbb ajak I masuk in the 1st place, although at that time, i tak pernah lawan futsal macth pun. Was suppose to be a back up, but ended up playing all the time. >.<

To Mr "Bear"

Thank you for the box of wonderful Kinder Bueno chocolate, having a thoughtful friend like you is one of the greatest gift in life.

To dear Special someone,

Thank you for being patience with me, for being there for me, for the chocolatesssssssss( i mean it! there were many), for the support and care , and thank you for those sweet moments (yesterday, and the day before and months ago).

Thank you All, for being my friends.


AIshah Kentang


FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

awwww sweeettt...
ecah serius nak masa main bola ngan ko lagi!
btw good luck in your future!

taufiq said...

congrats kentang.. dah nak grad dah ko
time flies..