Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The state of life that I dislike

Sometimes life gives you lemon, but will you make lemonade out of it? If you ask me, I will not, I will make lemon ice cream instead, then I'll crush it and crush it till I'm satisfied.

Why am i babbling? I must be in the state where I lose my mind, my confidence and all that important to me to succeed in life.

Yes, I'm in the state where I lose my confidence. I hate this , I really do.

I have an interview this coming Sept 6, usually I'm very confident at doing challenging things, I may look horrified and jittery but then when the moment came, I am all ready full of confidence.

But today, I'm not, I don't feel the excitement, the horrifying feeling, or the adrenaline, I just feel that deep inside the confidence is dying.

Dear All Mighty Allah, why is this happening right now?

Could it be because of the stress at home?
Or the fact that I miss the State?
Or the fact that I'm not ready to live in reality?
Which is it?
What is it?

Whatever reasons it is, I will not let this continues.

I need to find a cure, and I believe I just found one

"praying and wishing for guidance"

"opening all the treasures, the old memories I have kept"

Yes, Yes ! Yes!!

To dear, Mr / Miss Confidence, I will find you, and will not again let you go.

*it seems like the internet is dying so this is it --> ~Fin~

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